Fairy Godmother Fabric Stash Raid

In August last year, my husband and I got to visit San Francisco and Sonoma Valley for a friend’s wedding, meeting up with some great people and a bit of R ‘n R after a rough July. While in SF, we stayed with my wonderfully energetic godmother and her family. We talked big plans, great designs and of course sewing!

My ‘fairy godmother’ is in the process of downsizing her fabric stash so, of course, I had to raid it and take advantage of the beautiful, silky fabrics that she has stored up over the years.  Oh the colours! And the textures… A bit of Liberty cotton, some cheapo colourful satins and some gorgeous high-end fabrics that I would never consider buying.


So I ended up leaving San Fransciso with a bag that was distinctly bulging with yet-to-be-made clothes!

I love this one:


And of course this one (which you would’ve seen as a final product):


You would think that a girl would have had her fill with all these gorgeous bits, but my fabric appetite seemed insatiable.  So we also hit the beautiful little fabric store, Satin Moon, and its neighbour store on Clement St to add these fun ones the collection.


4 thoughts on “Fairy Godmother Fabric Stash Raid

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