The Purple Rose Tie Top


This little top has already become a staple in my work wardrobe. The pattern is my own design.  It is a simple darted tank top that I made quite long so that it could be tucked in properly. The neck has a little notch at the front centre and a fairly wide tie that forms a bit of a collar.

The fabric is a piece of mystery silky satin (or satiny silk?) with bright pink roses on a purple background. I picked up this piece (just enough for this top) during The Fairy Godmother Fabric Stash Raid.


Most tops I’ve seen like this are button down but I thought I’d try it without the buttons down the front. Do you think it works like this?




The back collar gapes a little so maybe in the next revision I need to curve the tie so that the inside is a little sorter than the outside and it holds its shape a little better.  But the silky fabric feels great to wear and the colour brings an element of fun into the office.


7 thoughts on “The Purple Rose Tie Top

    • Thanks, Ros.
      yeah it’s a goodie. I’m thinking I should make a few more while the weather is still good 🙂
      I’m also thinking about making one of your zip pouches soon. I’ll need to dive into the scrap bag for that.

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