Sewing in powder and lipstick

A friend of mine sent this to me and I love it!

Singer Sewing manual 1949

Singer clearly understood that when a woman has a sewing project on her mind, it is virtually impossible to get her to think of anything else so she needed instructions to think clearly, get the housework done and get dressed before she dived into her sewing projects.

I regret to admit that it is HIGHLY unlikely that you’ll find me in a ‘clean dress’ with my ‘hair in order’ and ‘powder and lipstick put on’ when I’m in the midst of a project. And if you were to drop by unexpectedly, I’m afraid you may have to wait for me to get out of my pajamas or faded tank top and into something decent – my husband is used to it already.  And the dishes and housekeeping?  Hmm, there are definitely days when sewing is much higher on the priority list and the kitchen is rather neglected.

And you?  What do you wear while you sew? Would you make a good 1949 seamstress?


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