More pattern making and my 30 seconds of (almost) fame

Yesterday I had the privilege of joining two other budding pattern makers at Studio Faro for the filming of a video clip soon to be released about the wonders of pattern making with Anita. (I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up). It wasn’t hard to talk about what drew us to pattern making and afterwards we got stuck into some pattern demonstrations and some of Studio Faro’s pattern puzzles  – hardly even noticing when the filming stopped and our film crew left the studio.  One of my fellow students was the lovely Gail from My Fabrication – it was great to meet her and put a real face to another blogger out there.


So a brief summary of some of my answers:

Why pattern making? : With a background in engineering and a brain that likes to deconstruct and reconstruct things, I was always fascinated with the process of taking 2-D cloth and turning it into a 3-D garment.  I have dabbled in sewing and crafts since I was a child but in 2010 when my sewing took off I soon became frustrated with off-the-shelf patterns but when I tried to make patterns myself they had limited success.  I wanted to know the science and maths behind it all.

What brought you to Studio Faro? : I was new to Sydney and trawling through the internet to find what pattern making classes were on offer.  Most of the full time courses were incompatible with full time work and Studio Faro offered a flexible schedule, a class tailored to the students’ abilities and a wealth of knowledge from industry and teaching.

What do you want to do with your pattern making? : Good question! For now I’m happy to be able to make clothes for myself that fit and flatter my body. I also like the challenge posed by seeing a design and trying to figure out the pattern that it came from.  Maybe in the future it will turn into more but I still have a lot to learn.

For the demonstration, Anita stepped through the pattern manipulation for the Drape Skirt with the lovely Mortitia Adams fish tail at the back.  I definitely have to try that one at home. I think it would look great in Shwe Shwe…


Then we tried our hands at a twisted skirt which took quite a bit of brain power to get our heads around that one.  It really helped with work alongside anita with mini blocks so that we could watch and do at the same time.  Although when it came to cutting up all the pieces and laying them out again, we had to take a break and just watch.  I get the idea of it, but I think I’ll have to try it in fabric before it’s completely clear.


Many of these pattern puzzles are available Studio Faro’s Facebook page so I definitely suggest going to check them out.

It was a fun, full afternoon and now my head is filled with too many projects!  So many ideas…so little time. Don’t you find that?





4 thoughts on “More pattern making and my 30 seconds of (almost) fame

  1. Thanks Mary for making this into a post. I was so rattled about spending all that time in front of the video camera that I didn’t take any shots. :/ Huge thanks to yourself, Gail and Lesley for your wonderful contribution to our video. Looking forward to catching up soon. Anita 🙂

    • Hi Anita,
      It’s such a pleasure! We had great fun and I was only too happy to help out with your video. I look forward to seeing the final product and will let you know how my sewing goes along. 🙂

  2. Hi Mary, you’re now in my Feedly. Lovely to work alongside you again. I hope to see lots of twisty things coming out of your workshop!!

    • Hi Lesley,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and following. I will definitely have to try out some of those twisty bits…but maybe the skirt first…or finish my jacket!
      It was great to see you again and hopefully we’ll be at the same table again soon.

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