Ziggi Sew-Along: Getting started

Back in February I decided to join in the Ziggi Jacket Sew-Along hosted by the very talented and incredibly patient ladies from Sew Maris and Stacy Sews. I was very diligent and ordered the pattern, picked out my fabric from The Remnant Warehouse and found all FIVE metal zips that I needed. I even got as far as pre-washing my denim TWICE …but after that I got a bit stalled.


 Yes, this pattern is a little out of my league and that’s definitely more zips than I’ve ever put into a single garment.  But I’ve wanted to do a biker jacket for so long now, this pattern looks awesome and I am am hoping that under the guidance of Maris and Stacy I can make it through.  And I’m always up for a challenge, right?

Since I’d gone to all the effort of getting all the right bits and a jacket is quite a special piece, I wanted to do it right. And so took the extra step of making a toile – Ok so I didn’t do it 100% right because I used an old sheet for the toile rather than ‘similar weight fabric’ as I know I’m supposed to.  But I wasn’t about to go buy and wash MORE denim and I figured any toile was better than none.  And I’m glad I did make up a mock jacket as I picked up a few fitting issues that, thanks to Anita my pattern-making teacher, I managed to translate back onto the pattern for a more personalised fitting.


Next up was figuring out the cutting out of all the hundreds of pieces.  Since I had chosen striped demin, there was added complexity as I had to work out the orientation of the stripes that I wanted on each of the panels.  I haven’t gone completely wild but I’m excited to see how it turns out.

When I FINALLY got to actually sewing on my real fabric,I was over the moon. With the help of Sew Maris’ brilliant tutorial on the collar, I now have a collar!  Woohoo!


I know…doesn’t look like much does it?  But I feel like it’s taken a long time to get to this point AND I’ve actually started :-). 

Needless to say, I’m miles behind the others on the Sew-Along. Maris and Stacy are galavanting around in their most beautiful completed jackets and I’m still fumbling around with zips and pockets. In fact, I was hoping to get a little further tonight but, as pointed out by Maris, the pocket bags don’t quite match the zip lengths I bought :-(.  So I’m going to have to redraft and recut a few more pieces before I can get going again.

Oh well, Onward and upward!


2 thoughts on “Ziggi Sew-Along: Getting started

  1. Slowly but surely is the way to go sometimes!! I’m looking fwd to seeing ur finished product, cos I’m so tempted by all the gorgeous Ziggis I’ve been seeing.

    • Thanks, Lesley. I’m getting there…slowly. You should definitely try Ziggi. It’s a great design and all the tutorials from the sew-along are great. I would be quite clueless if I was trying to decipher the instructions myself.

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