Ziggi Sew-Along: She’s finished!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please put your hands together as I present…the infamous ZIGGI!

There’s a hush in the crowd, the spotlights zoom in on centre stage as the thick red curtain is raised to reveal the completed Ziggi jacket.


Ziggi out on the town.

Ziggi here was no small undertaking for a moderately competent intermediate sewist like myself.  There are a lot of pieces, 5 (FIVE) zips and a full lining. A huge thank you to the wonderful ladies of SewMaris and StacySews who were our fearless leaders in this endeavour and had some brilliant tutorials through some of the rougher sections of zipper pockets, attaching linings etc. There were a few steps where I think I winged it a little but I’m pretty happy with the result and am excited to get lots of wear from this sassy lady.


Back view:  notice the changes in stripe orientation on the sides, sleeve top and under sleeve. It’s enough to make your eyes go fuzzy!


All zipped up


Loving the red striped silk lining with grey flowers. The cutting out of the silk was a bit of a chellenge and I wish I’d read Maris’ post about cutting out silk with paper underneath the fabric BEFORE I cut all my pieces out.  Nevertheless, we got there in the end and my striped are mostly straight.


The details are what make the jacket extra special.  And I definitely learned a few tricks along the way.  Like making this zipper window using some organza or lining, clipping into the corners, folding it back and then inserting the zip. Also…ALWAYS measure your zips and the spaces your pattern is telling you to put them in…they don’t always match and you need to somehow make it work.

I like the way the bias cut side panels meet in a chevron on the side seam 🙂


This project was quite an intensive one for me and I put some solid hours into it thanks to all the recent public holidays. But it feels like quite an accomplishment and I even managed to get it done by the Ziggi Sew-Along deadline!  I look forward to many happy days with me and my Ziggi.

Pattern: Style Arc’s Ziggi Biker Jacket and HUGE help from SewMaris and StacySew’s Sew-Along

Fabric: Outer: Blue and white striped denim. Lining: red striped silk with grey flowers. Both from The Remnant Warehouse, Botany Road, Sydney

Alterations: I made a full toile and had it fitted with the help of Anita. From that I took it in at the back waist, widened the shoulders a bit, lengthened the arms by 2cm and lengthened the body by 1.5cm. I also rearranged the grain lines to get the stripe orientations I wanted and had to redraw the pocket patterns to match my zips.

Do it again?: Not just yet.  One Ziggi is enough for the moment…but I could see it in a nice bright wool fabric.  I don’t think I’ll tackle leather just yet.

Did you make a Ziggi?  What was your experience?  Check out some of the others at Flickr.


11 thoughts on “Ziggi Sew-Along: She’s finished!

    • Thanks, Ali. Figuring out sewing instructions IS like learning a whole new gibberish language! but i’m getting there.
      Sending you so much love for your final countdown! xx

  1. Wow! That is amazing. Very professionally fitted and cut, congrats on finishing it! I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing it 🙂

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