Me-Made-May is underway

A few weeks ago I took the plunge and joined So Zo’s Me-Made-May ’14 extravaganza. I have watched Me-Made-May in awe from the sidelines but this is the first year that I am actually taking part.  This means is that I took the following pledge and the challenge it entails:

 ‘I, Mary of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear at least one item of me-made clothing each day for the duration of May 2014’

(I did add the caveat that I would be forgiven for any repeated items…)

With the first week of May well underway, I thought I could begin sharing some of my outfits and experiences so far.

Thursday 1 May: Brown shift dress

This is an oldie but a goodie.  Made from brown pinstriped suiting bought from Fabric City in Cape Town and using McCall’s M5464. Even though I made it a few years ago, I still get quite a lot of wear out of it and it’s a great go-to dress for work.

MMM_1May Brown dress

Friday 2 May: Pebbles Coffee Date Dress

Another oldie.  This is in a fun ‘pebbled’ cotton and made from The Selfish Seamstress’s Coffee Date dress pattern.  I left off the ruffle and added a waist band.

MMM_2 May Coffee date dress

Saturday 3 May: Complimentary colours Sorbetto top

Collette’s Sorbetto top made from a lightweight cotton of purples and yellows in a fun geometric pattern from Tessuti.  I bound the arms holes and sleeves in purple binding.  Next time I’ll make the top a bit longer to account for my long body and I think I’ll use cotton biased binding that I make myself.  I should probably choose a slightly tamer print so you can actually see the pleat in the front


Sunday 4 May: Ziggi Biker jacket

Of course Ms Ziggi had to get her turn.  And what better outing than to a jacket pattern-making day!


Monday 5 May: Green Silk ruffle top AND Silver Paper bag skirt

For the top I used Simplicity pattern 2026 and gorgeous bottle green silk from Tessuti. The top feels so great on the skin (but is a bit of a pain to iron). The skirt is a classic paper bag skirt made from a tutorial I found somewhere.  The fabric is a silk-wool blend I believe (is that weird?) also from Tessuti’s remnant table…love that place :-).  I love the fabric but I’m not wild about the paper bag style. I feel like it doesn’t do anything for me.  I might take it apart and make it into a pencil skirt…

MMM_5 May green top paper bag skirt

So what have I learned to far?

1. I have to iron more:  Many of my Me-Made items are made from (beautiful) fabric that creases too easily.  Aahh what a dilemma…fabric snob that doesn’t like to iron!

2. I tend to make summer clothes (I think I’m secretly afraid of sleeves and trousers…) AND

3. May isn’t very warm in Sydney!

4. My pre-work self-takes in the driveway don’t give the best outcomes 🙂

But I’m not even a week in so we still have many more outfits to concoct and many more lessons to learn.  Stay tuned. And happy sewing and wearing.  Are you doing MMM ’14?  Let me know how it’s going.



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