From the Back of the Closet: Two green dresses sitting on the wall

These two dresses are fabulous pieces that I love and wear a lot.  Both are probably past their prime but that doesn’t mean I love them any less.


The infamous Green Dress has made many an appearance at various do’s.  It can also be blamed (partly) for the resurgence of my sewing ‘career’ because it was thanks to the success of this dress that I thought “Hey, this actually worked!  This sewing thing is cool!”  I cut the pattern off a friend’s dress and figured out things as I went along (some things better than others).  The fabric is a lime green cotton knit from a fabric store in Cape Town.  It seems to be thicker and higher quality than a lot of cotton knits you find around the place so it drapes nicely and isn’t see through.  Thanks to the knot in the front, the neckline is a little risque … I do wear a cami if I need to be a bit more demure.

DSC_0321This dress has been worn by my sister, my cousin and a bunch of people.  And my husband picked it out as my favourite self made dress 🙂


(Trying to be a model…haa haa)

Pattern: Cut off a friend’s dress

Fabric: Lime green cotton knit from Fabric City, Cape Town

Alterations: Since I didn’t really start with a pattern, the whole thing was tweaked as I went along.  I don’t think I got the grain line right for the back panel and I could’ve made it a bit shorter…and the neck line a little higher

Do it again?: I SHOULD!


The Geometric Bamboo shift dress

This little shift dress was made using Newlook 6968 and made from a cotton with some stretch and a great geometric pattern.  It looks like a mixture between 80’s and Asian bamboo.  This is a great work dress because the style suits work but the fabric has a bit of a ‘wow’ factor…but not too much 🙂

I wear this dress a lot so I will need to make a replacement soon.  Pity I don’t have any more of that fabric!  My only critique is that the waist line is too high. I have since learned that I need to add 2cm to the bodices of my patterns to account for my long body.


Pattern: NewLook 6968

Fabric: Cotton with a bit of stretch.  Green and black print. Purchased from a little store in Knsyna, South Africa. The bodice is lined with white polyester lining

Alterations: I cut the neck line a little lower.  I should’ve accounted for this with a little bit of gape darting (for future reference) and next time I need to drop the waist by at least 2cm.  And reinforce the bottom of the zip.

Do it again?: Definitely.  I’ve already made another version of this pattern.  Next time I might make it up from my own block though.

Two great dresses…sitting on the wall.  And getting a lot of wear.

And yes…the photos were taken a while ago when I still had long hair.



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