Ziggi is a WINNER!!!

I am so excited to annouce that my Ziggi is a winner!  She won a prize for ‘Best use of fabric’ in the SewMaris and StacySews sew-along.  Check out the announcement at Sew Maris’ blog here.


All that stripe manipulating and orientation planning was well worth the effort.  And I’m so glad I made the push to finish the jacket in time.  What I didn’t mention previously is that I planned the stripe orientation quite thoroughly by sketching the stripes on copies of the pattern cover image to see if it got the ‘look’ that I wanted.

The other winner is Rachel of CoreCouture who made not one, but TWO gorgeous Ziggi jackets with meticulous craftsmanship.  Congratulations, Rachel!

Did I mention that I’m SOOO excited about this?! This is the first sewing-related ‘contest’ I’ve ever won!

So what do I win??? 

Chloe from Style Arc has generously donated the prizes and I get to choose a gorgeous Style Arc masterpiece as my winning pattern. What to choose…what to choose?  Do you have any suggestions?

I love the Catherine Dress. (image from Style Arc)


And the Alisha dress (image from Style Arc)


Or maybe something more wintery like Sammi or Sara…? (image from Style Arc)


I wish I had a reason to make (and wear!) the gorgeous Pippa dress. (image from Style Arc)


Without the guiding lights of SewMaris and StacySews to lead me through the rocky bits I might have to opt for a less that “Experienced Sewer” pattern.

Have you tried any of the Style Arc patterns? Which ones are your favourites? Do you have any suggestions on which one I should pick?  I’d love to hear from you.


7 thoughts on “Ziggi is a WINNER!!!

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