Simple summer tie dress

Who doesn’t love a fun summer project that comes together in an afternoon?  I have had this pattern idea in my head for a while but most of the versions are usually for small children (the pillow case dress) so I was wondering how it would turn out for an adult.  I’m pretty happy with the result and it’s a great summery number that would be perfect for a tropical island getaway.


The pattern is one that I made myself with the help of some great tutorial’s like Sweet Verbena’s Simple Bow Tie Top. The fabric is a colourful floral piece of satin from the Fairy Godmother Stash.  It was the perfect size piece so the pattern was ultimately dictated by how much fabric I had.  It is a very simple construction of two rectangles (aka front and back) sewn together at the sides with French seams.  The armholes are shaped and bound with binding of the same fabric and the neckline is just a fold over casing through which the sash is threaded to create the gathers. 


I wanted the stipes along the bottom which meant that the pattern actually uses the width of the fabric and I ended up with the salvages at the bottom. What this meant is that I didn’t have to hem the the dress.  At the time I was in a rush to wear it and thought I’d do it another time.  Now I’m wondering if I actually need to.  Is it bad sewing etiquette not to hem my creations??



Have you got any easy patterns that come together in an afternoon and are immediately wearable?  Also what are your thoughts on the hemming vs not hemming debate?  I’d love to hear from you.

…and in the mean time I’ll pack this dress away for winter.  I’m just grateful I got to wear it this past weekend 🙂



11 thoughts on “Simple summer tie dress

  1. So beautiful. You make it sound simple but I don’t know… Was the fabric difficult to sew?
    Why not leave it unhemmed if you can!
    I love quick projects so you can see the end result soon and get that satisfying feeling!
    Beth x

    • HI Beth,
      Thanks for your lovely comments. The fabric wasn’t too bad to sew – just make sure you’re using a sharp microtex needle for these slippery fabrics. The hardest part with silky fabrics is cutting out the pattern. I’m still no expert but using tissue paper to reinforce is one of the tips I’ve heard.
      ..And I agree…might just leave it unhemmed 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! This looks perfect for summer 🙂 I only avoid hemming if a hem is not completely necessary (ie if the fabric definitely won’t fray, or the end won’t lose it’s shape) – it’s certainly not the most thrilling element of dressmaking!

    • Thanks 🙂 It is good for summer…pity we’re headed into winter here in Australia! (bad timing on my part!). And I think I’ll leave the hem as is…no fraying, no fuss

  3. You got a gift from the fabric goddess! Selvage = no need to hem. Win win!! Enjoy wearing this really cute dress!

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