Another Rose Tie Top

My Purple Rose Tie Top was such a success that I had to make another one.  This time in a black and white satin…but still with roses on it :-).  I made this one as a gift and Dear Husband has informed me that it will be way too big…doh!  Making clothes for other people is so difficult! Any way it’s in the mail so we’ll see how it turns out on the other side.


I used the same self-drafted pattern as before but I tweaked the back neck so it doesn’t sag as much and I like this result.  The ties are also a bit shorter (more due to fabric limitations than design choice), although I think I prefer the longer ties. The bust dart looks a bit weird in this photo.  I’m hoping it’s a photo thing and not a construction thing.  Could also be that it needs a better pressing.  (Note to self…must make a taylor’s ham soon!)


Any way I hope it’s not too big and the birthday girl likes it and can wear it (when the weather warms up).  I’ll keep you posted.

I might also have to make one of these for myself…


4 thoughts on “Another Rose Tie Top

  1. Such a pretty little top! Nicely done. (I think the angle of your bust darts is wrong – should point UP not down. Unless it is the camera/stance causing it. 😉 )

  2. Love this top – I’ve been so lazy with my drafting lately. I’d be tempted to make this top with sleeves now that winter has rolled in.

    • Thanks, Gail. My drafting is also in fits and starts. Sleeves are a good idea. Without any real closures I wonder if you could get into it ok with sleeves… Might have to experiment 🙂

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