Sewist Generosity and Serging up a Storm

I am continually in awe of the generosity of the sewists around me – physically and cyber’ly.  One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to try to give a little back.  (I’m still working on that…).  Most recently, the lovely and talented Lesley (whom I met through pattern making class) heard my plight of pining for an overlocker…and lent me her ‘Old Babe’ Babylock Overlocker!  The Old Babe has been sitting in the cupboard waiting for Lesley’s Dear Daughter to take a keen interest in sewing while a newer model gets primary affections.  But not any more…I was so excited by Lesley’s offer that of course I jumped at the opportunity and raced off to collect it thinking that I’d start serging up a storm immediately.


The storm was slow to start however as I quickly learned that overlocking requires a new set of toys…and skills.  So I went and bought four large reels of thread in colours matching the threading diagrams…and then again in black and beige when I realised there are few projects where red, yellow, green and blue will blend in ‘seamlessly’.  I also got long nosed tweezers for threading and most importantly I purchased the Craftsy class Beginning Serging by Amy Alan.  It is a great introduction but then also gives you a whole range of different stitch types and a few projects to get confident on.  Amy is a very good teacher and I’m so impressed that she gives personalised feedback to queries by so many halfwits like me who can’t get pretty overlocked seams.

Equipped with new bits and pieces, hours worth of video tutorials and more enthusiasm than sense, I began my journey into overlocking.  The beginning was a challenge and I spent many an hour (and hundreds of scraps of fabric) trying to figure out the tension thing.  I know this is what master overlockers always say…and they are right:  Getting the tension right for each stitch type for each fabric is no walk in the park.  But with some perserverance and helpful hints from the brilliant Amy Alan, I managed to overcome the tension hurdle and get a decent stitch.  I think the key factor was using woolly nylon in the lower looper…which Lesley had suggested RIGHT in the beginning but I was starting with all elements the same and going from there…just to be stubborn.

DSCN2611So now that I’ve got a good looking stitch I’m so excited to get going on some projects.  Even too excited to learn the other stitches (like rolled hems) just yet.

The Serging Storm has begun!  Thank you, Lesley!


2 thoughts on “Sewist Generosity and Serging up a Storm

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