The Mile High Crochet Club

I just got back from an overseas trip to a conference (and some family time) in South Africa. This of course means no sewing, no blogging and some very long air plane flights.  Because I have a hard time doing nothing and feel that sitting idle is wasted time that could be used productively, the solution to the problem was to take my crochet project on the plane with me! I’m not a major crochet’er but I enjoy the therapeautic repetition that comes with row after row of neat little crochet stitches. And it’s a fun winter project especially for trains, waiting rooms and now planes!

I assumed that I was a bit of an anomaly and did get some interested looks from around the cabin.  But to my suprise, a woman on ‘granny duty’ walking her toddler granddaughter up and down the aisle, stopped to chat and mentioned that she too had brought her crochet on the plane and we chatted about the tips we had learned about inflight crochet’ing.

DSCN2712This bright, happy rainbow ripples blanket is a work in progress and I’ll have to talk more about it when it’s done.  For now I wanted to celebrate my debut as a member of the ‘Mile High Crochet Club’ and share some tips that I’ve learned along the way:

1. Choose a bamboo crochet hook – They are less likely to show up on the security scan and people feel less intimidated by bamboo than by metal

2. Keep your scissors out of your project bag – Scissors will definitely show up on the scanner and will be confiscated.  Not ideal if they are your favourite little embroidery snips.

3. Let your yarn ends dangle – Because you don’t have scissors you will find that if you’re changing colours (as I was), you will have to let your yarn ends (and ball of yarn) dangle at the end of your colour.  This is a little annoying but not really a problem as long as your yarn ball is tied up neatly.  If not, you could have a huge mess on your hands.

4. Bring enough yarn – Make sure you bring enough of the yarn you intend to you use for your project.  There is nothing worse than getting in your crochet groove and running out of your red line when you only have a few centimeters to go.  And there is NOTHING you can do at 31,000ft!

5. Rest your eyes – The air in planes in notoriously dry and you are most likely tired, watching movies and trying to crochet  in pretty dismal light.  Use your overhead light but rest your eyes when they start to feel scratchy and get some sleep if you can.

Are you a member if the Mile High Crochet (or Knitting) Club?

I’d love to hear from you.

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