Bunnies for Babies

For the past few years there have been lots of babies popping out around me…I’m in that demographic.  And since I sew, I find it very hard to buy a generic present at the store and instead invest way too much time and buy way too much cutesy fabric to make into adorable (probably rather useless) gifts for the new little ones.


My latest creations were these two bunnies for two friends’ new babies.  The pattern is my own (but inspired by a baby bunny from South Africa that I’ve seen around). I kept it a simple ‘flat bunny’ with the same back as front, put no face on the bunny (kids can’t pick or chew it off) and focused on texture – I found a really soft synthetic fur from Lindcraft (minky) and bright pink/red satin from my stash for the ears.


This guy has already found his buddy!

Aidans bunny

Pattern: My own pattern inspired by a similar flat bunny that I’ve seen doing the rounds in South African babies’ cots

Fabric: Very soft synthetic fur (I think there is a better term for it…) Edit: It’s Minky – thanks Machine Gun Mamma!

Alterations: Each one is an improvement on the last…these ones included my Dodgy Zebra label compared with v1

Do it again: Most likely…


3 thoughts on “Bunnies for Babies

  1. Super cute an simple, I like that 🙂 the material is probably minky? It’s that so soft it can make you sick stuff right?

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