A Confession and the start of something Big

I have a confession to make: The last few posts used pictures from a few months ago and I no longer look like such a lean, mean machine.  In fact I’ve become rather large.  And not only because I’ve been eating too much cake (although that has been happening too) but because I’m pregnant :-).  And not with just one little munchkin but two!  That’s right folks – we have twin buns in the oven!  In the long time that I had to think about “when I’m pregnant I’ll do  x, y, z…” I had imagined that I’d be sewing up a storm and designing the ultimate maternity wardrobe that would be comfy and super fashionable.  But truth be told, the energy to do just the absolute minimum is hard to come by some times so sewing has taken a bit of a back seat. I’ve done a bit of (very utilitarian) sewing for the babies but more on that later.

These are two items that I have managed to stitch up and the skirt at least has been indispensible. I think I have worn it at least once a week throughout my pregnancy (so far).

DSCN3012Black maternity skirt:

The skirt is a simple pencil skirt of my own design made from a lightweight black ponti from Remnant Warehouse. I used my pencil skirt block and then added a thick waist band that I folded over in the beginning and now need to maximise as my belly has become so huge.

I used the overlocker for most of the skirt and had to actually take it in at the hips because while my belly is huge my hips haven’t expanded as much. The hem is just done using a double needle.  I’m pretty happy with the results and had intentions of making multiple iterations in various colours but somehow the energy to do that evaporated.


Maternity top:

For the top I used Simplicity 2029 pattern and added little flutter sleeves so that I could wear it to work.  I have made this pattern before out of a lovely bird fabric.  This time I used a silk remnant that I found on the Tessuti remnant table and have had in my stash for a while. This seemed like as good a project as any to use it on, particularly as I am overheating in just about anything so lightweight fabrics are the way forward!

DSCN3010I added a few centimetres to the front to hide some of the bump but realised that I hadn’t fully taken into account my already long body so really should’ve added a bunch more.  Any way, the top has worked well so far but I think soon the belly will outgrow it!

DSCN3008The imminent arrival of our double trouble also means that I will be even less active in the blogosphere.  I am apologising in advance and will try to provide updates every now and then as I will try my best to keep sewing through the chaos.


Pattern: My own pencil skirt stretch pattern

Fabric: Black Ponti from Remnant Warehouse

Do it again: Wish I could say yes but right now I’m just focusing on growing babies – everything else is falling by the way side


Pattern: Simplicity 2029

Fabric: Cream coloured silk from Tessuti

Alterations: Flutter sleeves added and longer in the front.  For next time I would add even more to the front.

Do it again: This is already number 2 of this pattern…but we’ll see

One of the next things I’d like to make (for me) are some nice lightweight cotton nighties that button down the front (nursing friendly). Does anyone have any great patterns for such a thing?