Textured Play Mat

IMG_1697This was a fun project I managed to squeeze in before the girls were born (but have clearly taken an age to post about it!). It’s a play mat using all sorts of scraps and textures that are fun to feel and play with. The idea is that during tummy time the babies have interesting things to feel and their sensory perception develops. And of course with all the bright colours it’s visually stimulating as well.

You may recognise some of the scraps from projects like the Ziggi Jacket, the Charlie Dress, the Big (wedding) dress, The Pearl coat, Moo PJ pants, Baby bunnies etc etc.

IMG_1699For the back I just used some blue fleece I had in my stash. I was going to try to do a batting/quilting thing but went for the quick and easy route and am glad I did because it’s much easier to wash this way – an important consideration with all the baby spew around the place!


And one last pic showing the play mat in action 🙂



10 thoughts on “Textured Play Mat

  1. Hmm I wonder why it’s taken you a long time to post about his….
    It’s a fantastic playmat! You did a great job! I hope your twins are doing well – they certainly look healthy! 🙂

    • The girls are getting BIG. I’m trying to get smaller but the cake/chocolate/cookies cravings are intense 🙂
      Yes definitely trying to wear them out in the hope of good sleep!

  2. I’m clearly coming to the party hopelessly late on this but I love love LOVE this playmat. You are so clever my friend. Have no idea how you found the time to make something so perfect and beautiful AND blog about it – with twin babies! You’re amazing.

    • Ha ha thanks my dahling. I had actually been planning this play mat since about 2010. Had a bag of fabric in my garage labelled ‘future baby blanket’!
      Re finding time: sewing is my therapy! Wish I had more time for it.

      Ps sorry for very late reply to your lovely message!

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