Crochet Blankets for the Twincesses



These two crochet blankets have been LOOOOONG term projects that were started years ago before the twincesses were even twinkles in our eyes.  But the girls are here and the blankets are done!  Amazingly the blankets were actually completed before the girls arrived but have just been slow on the blogging side.

The first blanket is a Rainbow ripple that I mentioned in my Mile High Crochet club post back in 2014. The pattern is based on Attic 24’s awesome tutorial. It’s a great pattern that comes together relatively fast (if you don’t have crochet hiatus’s for years on end!).


The second blanket is a granny square blanket that is made up of a bunch of granny squares that are then crocheted together.  The granny squares were quite fun to make but I didn’t enjoy the stitching together or tucking in of loose threads as much.


Both blankets were made with a cotton yarn that felt really good to work with and has a great weight to it now in the completed project. As mentioned they took a LONG time to come together and have been worked on mainly during holidays or hospital stays.  I’m quite proud that they did actually get finished thanks to my confinement to the couch during my last few weeks of pregnancy. Needless to say, the blankets aren’t getting much use as covers in these sweltering summer days but they make great play mats too!



5 thoughts on “Crochet Blankets for the Twincesses

  1. Oh Mary, they are gorgeous those twincesses. I cannot believe we haven’t been in touch for so long and I must apologise. I do love your crochet blankies; just beautiful.Spill the beans, which did you prefer making? Did you find sewing the squares together a big pain in the bum?

    • I know! We definitely need to catch up soon. The girls are great and changing so fast! I definitely preferred making the ripple blanket. Sewing up the squares and hiding threads (which the girls unpick!) is a huge pain in the bum 🙂

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