Twinkle Twinkle Halloween outfits

Despite all the current chaos in our lives, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make something cute for the girls for Halloween. 

I was inspired by a cute onesie I saw at Cotton On but they stopped at size 12mo so my big babbas weren’t gonna squish into those. So of course I decided to make them! 

I have never screen printed anything or even done much in the way of fabric painting but after this debut, I’m hooked! Why didn’t anyone mention how fun it is to paint stencils onto fabric?! I got some fabric paint from the hardware store plus some contact plastic (the heavy duty type you use for drawer liners) and then two plain white vests.  

I drew some test designs (ok I traced from the screen of my phone!!) and then cut them out of the contact plastic with a craft knife. I stuck the plastic onto the fabric and painted using a sponge to dab the paint on. Let it dry and voila! 

Next was to create the text for my Twinkle t-shirts. A little more difficult and fiddly but I got it to work. Same procedure but just made sure the yellow star stayed away from the black paint. I reused the same stencil for both shirts and it worked fine to use the same one twice. In my early experiments I used he same stencil multiple times and I think the limit it three times. 

And voila! Two little Twin(kle) tops!

I made sparkly skirts to go with them. A simple circle skirt with while fold over elastic sewn in at the waist band. And the fabric didn’t even need a hem! Hoorah! Super easy and fun and my little ‘B’ loves her skirt! Little ‘A’ who is still crawling doesn’t love it as much 🙂

Our short trick-or-treat escapade was a fun little outing. And I had to show fellow twin mom the shirts.

I’m definitely keen to try more screen printing! I’m not sure I can even classify his simple stencil paint job as screen printing but it’s fun nonetheless.

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