Chevron hand-printed Christmas Tops

For Christmas, I wanted to make outfits for the girls but of course I was quickly running out of time and my sewing agenda was focused on Christmas presents and christening dresses (more on that later).  I was cute Christmas tutus in the shop and thought “I can make those” but my smart husband made me realise that the time and fabric cos would be far more than just getting them at the store…which is what we ended up doing.

Nevertheless, I was determined to add my own little bit of spice so, after the success of the Halloween t-shirts, I decided that painting Christmas t-shirts would be fun.

But this time I also wanted to get the girls involved in helping me make the shirts :-).

I used electrical tape (only because I didn’t have any masking tape) to tape off a chevron design…

…got the girls geared up in the their Ikea ‘hazmat’ suits (fantastic plastic coverall aprons) and set them loose on the t-shirts with hand printing.

Our lack of green paint meant that our Christmas Tree design came out quite red with a bit of blue in there too.

I peeled off the tape, added a stenciled yellow star (not pictured), and voila! We have modern, designer chevron Christmas t-shirts!  It was a really fun project and so great to get the girls involved in the creation.

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