Roman blind for Baby Room

As part of my pre-baby nesting (and converting our walk-in closet into a baby room) way back in 2017, I decided to bring a piece of the jungle inside with this palm frond blind.  The idea was to make a Roman blind with a beautiful piece of Lula Fabrics palm frond fabric that I’ve had for ages and by using a piece of blackout lining from another blind rescue, I could create a dark haven for littlest one.

There are are a bunch of tutorials out there for Roman blinds and I can’t actually find the one that I use. The main decision was whether I go for a ‘simple’ design where the rod pockets are created with the fabric itself. Because I wanted to keep the full image of the palm fronds on front I opted for the alternative which is to create rod pockets with a separate tube – in my case bias binding.

I used a wooden rail that I covered and stapled Velcro to – the other side of the Velcro on the top of the blind. I bought plastic rods, chord and ringlets from a local curtain shop. One of the trickiest part was planning it out to make sure I had the correct spacing between rods and that when pulled up it would hang correctly. I sewed the rod pockets onto the lining first and then sewed the front piece onto the lining over the same stitching, being careful not to sew over the pocket or make it too narrow.

I hand stitched the rings in with blue (?!) upholstery yarn I had from a previous project. To avoid thick hems on the edges I overlooked the edges and just turned it over once.

The entire project definitely took longer than the hour promised by some of the tutorials but I really like how it turned out and it gives me such joy to use it.  Even though I enjoyed this project I must confess that since then, I have had two other blinds made by someone else and there is definitely something to be said for sharing the load!

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