Baby (and) Bunting

Our little prince arrived at the end of October. He’s strong, healthy and already growing up too fast! We are all besotted with the new arrival.

Needless to say, life is completely chaotic, I day dream about sleep; and sewing and blogging is sadly very low on the list of essential To Dos. (Showering and brushing my teeth only just make it into the top ten!).

I have, however, been trying to make bunting for the twincesses room. They call it ‘Baby Bunting’ which seems appropriate for right now. This, like so many, is a project that has been in planning stages for a long time. I wanted to have them done before baby arrived but that didn’t happen!

There are many many blog posts about making bunting and I can’t even re-find the ones I really liked! One idea I really liked was that of turning old table cloths into vintage bunting. I have some of granny’s old linens that I should repurpose.

The fabric is all from my stash: either scraps from other projects or fat quarters I’ve picked up along the way. The one string is mainly greens and pinks whereas the other is orange and pink. I wanted the girls’ names on the flags so appliquéd white felt letters onto the fabric and hand stitched around the edges before making up the flags.  The example below is the one letter where I ran out of turquoise embroidery thread and had to use green for the final bit…eek.  It’s not too noticeable when it’s hanging but here I’ve gone and highlighted my blatant shortcut!

The second string isn’t quite done yet, and now I need to make a third one for little boy.

I am loving the bunting and can see why it’s such a great way to use scraps: you can see previous projects flapping in the wind! My strings are quite short because they are mainly bedroom decorations and nothing like the massive amounts of bunting my mom made for our wedding.  A friend made mini Christmas bunting which is also a great idea.

So many ideas…so little time.

And now with a baby, even less time!


Textured Play Mat

IMG_1697This was a fun project I managed to squeeze in before the girls were born (but have clearly taken an age to post about it!). It’s a play mat using all sorts of scraps and textures that are fun to feel and play with. The idea is that during tummy time the babies have interesting things to feel and their sensory perception develops. And of course with all the bright colours it’s visually stimulating as well.

You may recognise some of the scraps from projects like the Ziggi Jacket, the Charlie Dress, the Big (wedding) dress, The Pearl coat, Moo PJ pants, Baby bunnies etc etc.

IMG_1699For the back I just used some blue fleece I had in my stash. I was going to try to do a batting/quilting thing but went for the quick and easy route and am glad I did because it’s much easier to wash this way – an important consideration with all the baby spew around the place!


And one last pic showing the play mat in action 🙂