Floral Turn About the Room Dress

In a final burst of maternity sewing energy (and a serious need for bigger clothes), I had a go at Miriam of Mad Mim’s Turn About the Room Dress. I really like how Miriam’s version turned out and thought it would be a great addition to my maternity wardrobe.

IMG_1974For my version I used a red and black floral knit from Remnant Warehouse. My first try had the empire band in floral too but it was a bit much so I tried it in black and I think it works much better.  The black band at the bottom was also not in the original plan but I ran out of fabric to make the dress a decent length.  So in the spirit of Amy from Sew Well’s Twisted dress, I added a band along the hem line for extra length but I think it also adds to the dress by framing the crazy floral outburst.

I made the sleeves shorter on account of the sweltering weather we were having in Sydney at the time. I also added extra volume over the bump area because my double bump just seemed way larger than life. Even though I cut the medium bodice it seemed a bit big (even for my expanded bust line) so I had to take it in on the sides.


I was pretty happy with the final product although I still think the floral might be a bit much especially with all that extra real estate out the front!  Oh well.  It’s a fun summer maternity dress.


The front hemline still rides up over to compensate for the bump.  I’m not sure if I should take this into account by scooping the front hemline or just saying “Hey it’s gotta go over a large bump – of course it will ride up!”.

I think that’s the last of the maternity sewing for me!!

Pattern: Miriam’s Turn About the Room Dress

Fabric: Floral knit and Black Ponti from Remnant Warehouse

Do it again: Not this time round!